Szkoła Narciarska i Snowboardowa STRAMA

Zima - otwarcie sezonu 2014/15!    

9-15 listopad 2014

Zima - otwarcie sezonu 2014/15!

Otwarcie sezonu zimowego - listopad 2014

First Minute! Zimowe ferie w stolicy Tyrolu    

24-31.I i 31.I - 7.II 2015

First Minute! Zimowe ferie w stolicy Tyrolu

Zapraszamy do Innsbrucka na ferie z Misiem Stramusiem. First Minute do 30.IX

Kursy feryjne dla dzieci    

Kursy feryjne dla dzieci

Od 19 stycznia zapraszamy na Kursy feryjne

Narty - lekcje indywidualne    

Codziennie od 9:30 do 18

Narty - lekcje indywidualne

Indywidualne lekcje jazdy na nartach z profesjonalnym instruktorem.

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Licensed STRAMA Ski School was founded in Zakopane in 2001. Many times it gained the title of the Best Ski School in Poland. The team consists qualified instructors.

Choose from: professional ski and snowboard training, skiing competitions, biathlon with shooting including training and relay race events, evening entertainment, inn dining, sleigh rides with barbecue and much more.

  • Courses for future instructors: Qualification course, course for assistant instructor, regional competition, regional exam
  • Trips to the Alps with ski training: Austria - winter holidays in the capital of Tyrol



We provide winter break training sessions in groups of 6 to 8 children. All classes are conducted by professional instructors and are prepared for beginner, intermediate and advanced levels. The courses last 6 days, starting every Monday from 20 January to 01 March. The classes are held in the Nosal Ski Training Centre. For Ski Safari Course and Sport Skiing Course check details as the classes are conducted on other slopes, within the hours specified in the course programme.

  • Date: 28-31.12. 2014 Christmas Course
  • Date: 19-24.01.2015, 26.01-31.01.2015
  • Date: 02-07.02.2015, 09-14.02.2014, 16-21.02.2014, 23.02-28.02.2014



Especially for the children and their parents we commence our WEEKEND CLASSES. We provide a professional childcare by our instructors for six hours a day, which should give the parents an opportunity to plan their own "ski weekend programme". In addition to ski training, our instructors together with Stramuś Bear have prepared a wide range of other attractions. Ski classes vary in the intensity and the programme, depending on the age and skill levels of the participants.
When? Saturday and Sunday from 24 January to 21 February 2015


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NOSAL - mapa stoku

Trasy narciarskie na Nosalu

Trasy narciarskie na Nosalu



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Opinie o Szkole STRAMA

 Opinie o Szkole STRAMA



'Jak oceniasz Szkołę STRAMA?'  - krótka ankieta


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